the loading bay considered as theatre, as shrine, as all sorts (BA)..

The loading bay is an unsung architectural hero of the modern age: the orifice through which the stuff of capitalism passes ceaselessly night and day. From warehouse to lorry from lorry to retail. and from all of these places to landfill. A birth canal a mouth and an arsehole. And, as a feature which no-one important (ie: clients as opposed to employees) ever sees there's never been a moment when anyone said: 'give me a really cool,  Applemacky/corporately slick/sexy...Loading Bay. Their aesthetic purity is thus guaranteed. Till now.


When I worked in a warehouse it struck me that the Loading Bays looked like theatres -proscenium arches raised above the ground on the level -not to that of the audiences' eyes- but to the (standardised) height of the bed of a lorry. Also, from the outside (and in a certain mood) those plastic flaps seemed like they might promise an entrance to the Underworld or at least Narnia.So, in my ceaseless endeavour to enchant the lost, unloved and quotidian, I decide I will people my Loading Bay with the monsters, chimera and homunculii of my fevered imaginings. Starting with the Mothmen, I think, but they can bring their mates.


A last thought. Russel Hoban called a shrine an 'area of attention'. What might one conjure in such a place as this?