help fund Shriekback's 16th studio album

Shriekback #16

Believe it or not, the mighty beast that is Shriekback is 40 years old this year. Four decades of radical grooviness and musical exploration that we intend to celebrate by recording our 16th studio album and making it as truly special as we possibly can. To deliver this with the quality you expect and deserve - and as soon as possible - we need you, our friends, supporters and Shriekly family, to help us to make it happen: we may have acquired a fine and stylish patina of age over the years but boundless wealth has, strangely, eluded us. 


We know that 2021 is a hard year for a big ask. You all have bills to pay and people to care for, even more so than usual. However, you have surprised, uplifted and humbled us with your support and generosity before, so we really hope that you might do so once again. In return, we promise to make Album 16 something to treasure and celebrate, a turning point in these weird and difficult times. We’re already excited about the new sounds, new grooves and new words that are coming together.


We are asking for thirty thousand of our English Pounds. What can we offer you for your commitment to achieving this target? Well, the nature of these times means that we can’t share physical space with you, in the rehearsal room or studio, as we’ve loved doing before, but we have listened to your ideas and put a lot of thought into designing a range of rewards that we believe will appeal to you. (We’d like to think we know you by now.) You can see the packages at 

Have a look, have a think, take a breath and let us know. We’re fired up and ready to go. Come on, jump on board - we’ve got an album to make and you’re part of it.


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Holy Relic (+ CD/DL + postcard)
  • Holy Relic (+ CD/DL + postcard)
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An object of great resonance (numinousness, even, if you're lucky) from Shriekback's spiritual core. One of Martyn's venerable sweaty shirts, a studio track list from Big Night Music, mixing notes, early ideas for lyrics in their inky glory. Objects randomly assigned.

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Chat! (+CD/DL+postcard)
  • Chat! (+CD/DL+postcard)
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A 1 hour Zoom chat with Carl, Mart and Barry - less than 12 people. Ask us ANYTHING. You can tell us anything too. 100% non-judgemental we are. After you pledge we'll contact you and set it up. You also receive a CD/DL of the new album signed and with postcard.

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Selected Lyrics - the Book signed (+CD/DL)
  • Selected Lyrics - the Book signed (+CD/DL)
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The well-received slim volume of Andrews/Marsh lyrics, heavily annotated by both. Some may have missed the boat on the previous limited pressing so here it comes again - your copy this time around will contain gnomic messages from both writers scribbled in the cover. Which is a Good Thing, surely?

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