1. Shit Pixie

From the recording Contaminated Pop

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Don’t you feel in the spring
the sickening overkill of everything?
can’t help it
it’s all hard-wired now
All these earthly delights
Looking as silly as a bag of lights
Ah come on now
It’s gotta feel real tired now…

Hey Mary! Get Lairy!
You’re still off with the fairies
But you know what the whizz and the gelignite can do..
Don’t tangle, just jangle
Bring on the crimes and the scandals
I’m the Shit Pixie - I’m gonna dance for you.

Nothing real will impinge
on the fierce exertions of your perma-binge.
Working for you? Got it in hand now?
But you won’t draw the sting
with your classical allusions and your broken wing.
I’m gonna draw you a line in the sand now

So shabby! Gabby! Get yourself back to the abbey
you can tell the enqiuiry what and when you knew
They concluded what you did was totally scuppered and scoobied
I’m the Shit Pixie and I’m gonna tell you true

All the gears grind for you
but the light still shines on Column 32
It’s an idea (might make it worse now)
Nothing glows in the night
and you feel sexy as an ammonite
all your virtues are a kind of curse now

Ah Mimi! It’s dreamy!
if you shut your eyes you can see me
I’m a horse of a different colour boiled to glue.
Ignore it; just floor it.
It’s so shot-away-in-the-war it’s just the Shit Pixie
who’s got a thing for you..