1. Abdomen Jones

From the recording Contaminated Pop

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she will never understand all the tragic flaws of man
and has not the slightest sympathy for anyone who can
she disdains all protocol
(she finds much distainable)
still she has nothing in the quiver she’s unable to deliver

Calling Abdomen Jones
I love Abdomen Jones
and her animus is tidal
Paging Abdomen Jones
- with her 3 mobile phones -
she says: ‘work is the blackmail of survival’

Honey badger isn’t fussed
he has transcended disgust
….and it’s known that Jones
atones for anything she must
Doesn’t claim to be profound
never takes the Higher Ground
She is fully hypostatic
- you should hear her in the attic…

Calling Abdomen Jones
Strength to Abdomen Jones!
with all her subtle modulations
Paging Abdomen Jones
with her libido made of chrome
she says: ‘pain is a kind of information’

And in any case she sees
she is queen of all the bees
(as she has some fun and stuns us
with her fluent Javanese).
And who tunes the concert grand?
who will now conduct the band?
Her case is prima facie
(takes the Beethoven quite pacy)

Calling Abdomen Jones
Lovely Abdomen Jones
she makes the sound of steam escaping
Paging Abdomen Jones
she does just fine on her own
says: ‘caresses are a form of scraping..’