From the recording Contaminated Pop

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Come with me if you will
- my imaginary friends -
I have a tale to tell
of phosphors and vapour.
Upon a tiny screen
i saw a magic realm
though i was overwhelmed
I got it down on paper.

there’s a scenario:
a woman and a wasp
not everybody’s thing
but no doubt it’s someone’s
tumescent butterflies
are spurting everywhere:
to get the full effect you can even become one

there is a land of wonders
and a lot are for hire
where all pay homage to
the glories of the gland.
Do it with Dumbo’s mummy
if that is your desire
there’s nothing you can’t do
in Filthy Wonderland

Some legendary beasts
preposterously endowed
throw down a fairy girl
with wings and tiara.
The hobbit looking on
is visibly aroused
to see these monsters ride
the lovely Titania

…and Things with tentacles -
that penetrate the bum,
A massive squirrel with
a fearsome erection
the whole environment
inclusive as they come,
pushing the envelope
of natural selection…

There is a brave new vision
that machines have designed
(the old pornographers
will never understand)
such complicated pleasures
for the liberal mind
this is the way of things
in Filthy Wonderland

a rampant unicorn;
a goblin in a thong:
sexual complexity
well beyond triangular
little Red Riding Hood
encountering the wolf
in ways (you have to say)
are specifically glandular

the Japanese Depraved
My Little Pony is
away on a hack there.
Some mythic masterplan
- the lion fellates the lamb -
(I need to think this through
before I go back there)

There’s an enchanted garden
with a final frontier:
a blessed Shangri-La
to greet with your left hand.
they put the magic in you
in a new ecosphere
a brave and weird new worldc
in Filthy Wonderland

There is a land of wonders
(and a lot you can buy)
where all pay homage to
the glories of the gland.
Make it with all the cast and crew of Family Guy
nothing’s denied to you
in Filthy Wonderland..