Gollum get the Lysol
let's go to the seething drain
hold up the light to this hideous sight
and bring it down again.
I guess a shit show meteor
lit the night when she was born
somewhere we can't see in the interstice
of Docu-soap and Porn

Baby wrote a Book of the Law
Baby bring the blight to the land
Baby got a War Room
got a million Reaganite policies we don't understand
and a theory about market forces and adenochrome
Baby's Flooding the Zone..

Unclear why
but she wanna burn it all to the ground:.
various confederacies
clusterfucks and heresies
(it's not profound).
She got a fistful of your blood and hair
she say: 'print the legend' motherfucker I don't care
let's see what happens when it all comes crashing down'

Baby is the wasp in the jam
Baby works an animal fear
Baby got a podcast,
20 million blazing disciples at the tip of her spear
and an affinity with mama's basement and the Game of Thrones
Baby's Flooding the Zone..

forget it Baby - this right here is Chinatown
for an Ivy League gurl she can sure bring the tone right down
her proclamation says it's all allowed -
she summons Legion and the god of crowds
she got the quietly dignified demeanour of an evil clown

Baby tell you darkness is light
Baby tell you fiction is fact
baby is a ode to the nematode in the political intestinal tract
she got truck full of molten shit that's gonna follow you home
Baby's Flooding the Zone..