From the recording Bowlahoola

Brute Fact View
musically a sister track to Baby Floods the Zone (simple, relentless, samples/machine-based) but lyrically the inheritor of Why Anything This (the title only - which is even quoted). But there is even more metaphysical enquiry to keep us all baffled and irritated. Why does a thing exist? Well, because other things which preceded it existed and caused it to, but then, what preceded, and caused, those things, clever dick? More things...MANY more ...THINGS. You can go back as far as you like (the Big Bang or God, probably) but where some thinkers end up is with a philosophical throwing up of the hands, exclaiming: 'it exists because it just DOES ffs - look, there it is'. This is the Brute Fact View. Which, I submit, doesn't help us one bit. But makes for good shouty chorus.
And a nice gothic Farfisa organ on the outro.


Sharon told a tale of the falling apples
Reality's a thing with which she grapples
she take the brute fact view..
she take the brute fact view..

here she come again - through the plate glass window
contemplate the facts and the will to structure
under the brute fact view
under the brute fact view

Never mind the gloss - and the bells and whistles.
What's behind the glass is the bone and gristle
a lot of brute fact view..

Underneath the world
is a shadow muscle.
Causation is a word
with which we tussle
under the brute fact view..

(all primed for the Big Reveal...)

peeling back the skin of reality
wondering what the Why of the world can be:
'why anything why this? why anything why this?'
maybe the
brute fact view..

maybe the
brute fact view..