1. 07. Safeword

From the recording Bowlahoola

Reassuringly, after all that, in the comfort zone of Shriekback funky bangers. I had some fun with random (safe) word generation ( 'Gazpacho' Thorax, Frodo, Stämgast) with Wendy and Sarah providing strident certainty: 'NO!'. There are questions in the chorus: 'what does the wanting want? Where do the Good Times Go? etc' I like the idea of a chorus that was all questions rather than assertions, like most chorii. No knowing things is so on trend. Just asking questions like Tucker Carlson


I'm not the kind to pursue it
I always find it a grind getting through it
i didn't feel it very much - but I would give up anything
for the tremor of a touch.
Watching the world as it implodes
(she started giving me the laser
but the pain did not erase her)

What does the wanting want?
Where do the seabirds go?
how do the fuschias bloom?
is this the kind of thing they know?
what have we learned so far falling through the planks?
What's my safeword baby when the system tanks?

I never said I didn't do it
'cos it felt fine (mighty fine) getting to it
I know we hide (and also seek)
but I have never liked that game
and I would not endure a week
i never claimed to know that much:
when my reality was shattered
all the details ceased to matter

when the levée breaks
where will the waters flow
and when the Kraken wakes
I wonder where the sirens go?
and when that day arrives - who knows how we'll feel
- what's my safe word baby when the shit gets real?

the serfs are doom scrolling - you can't believe the polling -
it's a farce at the end of the day
I can't lie to you in song; it's all so very strong
(It's sublime, it's a crime - and it happens all the time)

where do the good times go?
why does the arseache stay?
why do the lovebirds fly
in the direction of away
you know I can't explain the reason for the glow
what's my safe word baby now I need to know?
what's my safe word baby now I need to know?

what's my Safe Word?
what's my Safe Word?
what's my Safe Word?
what's my Safe Word?
what's my Safe Word?
what's my Safe Word?
what's my Safe Word?
what's my Safe Word?

Is it Fauvine? NO!
Is it Gazpacho? NO!
is it Benzine/ NO!
Is it ...Arapahoe? NO!

Is it Marlene?
Pretty in Pink?
or is it Zoltan..... or Zinc?
(it's probably Zinc)