From the recording Restaurant for Dogs


Pages of my Love
cee kay zhira quay sray tay day moo vi ar zhe-dee etc (ask Carlo)
Another familiar desire
urging me to submit to the splendour of my weakness
Such a capricious master
but I am swift to obey
I am contrite hearing these strong answers to my unanswered questions as I leaf...
..through the Pages of My Love

(a squalid perversion or a joyous celebration of the self in its delight in itself? I have no answer. None but that which proceeds from the inexorable logic of pleasure: pleasure which delights in itself and feels no shame)

Tumescence is brief, short-circuit my desire, gazing into the sun, gazing up at the wall: I see only my mind as it races to please - how everything pleases me now as I bring the insolent member to fever-pitch with my hand. Caress myself like a lover's head. Caress myself like a loved one... I leaf through the Pages of `My Love.

Voy Um now now

Voy Um now now