From the recording Restaurant for Dogs



Well, it seems that’s there’s some truth to this rumour going round;
that if you’re walking like a victim they are bound to hunt you down.
Some clever little joker wants to cut us all in half.
It’s all that I can do to choke back the laughter.

It’s a typical reaction. We agree to disagree.
A bloody mess. Anybody’s guess. We’ll clean it all up after.
Somebody says that this old world is spinning like a top.
And I just can’t help wondering why they all don’t just fall off.

Dark horses. Run in to your arms.
Dark horses. Gonna pull your heart apart.
Dark horses. Going to run run run……

Well, before he gets to say a word, the messenger was scorned.
You know, that there’s no sense in waiting, we know what we hate him for.
They badger you. They hound you. Wolves are scratching at the door.
This happened once before, and you didn’t think it was important.

Dark horses…..

(Bring it down now)

The violent inquisition. It’s the long night of the soul.
Her tiny epiphanies. His 19 dirty bullet holes.
Just think, right now I could be out lying in the beach.
It’s like my guitar always said, we’re about to fall to pieces.
Are the silent just too frightened, or too quiet to be heard?
Hey its you I’m talking to. I’m giving you the word.

Dark horses…