Welcome to the new Shriekback.com website


Here's the new site: leaner, hungrier. For archive material there are other fine sites.


We invite you to become a member for, upon such persons, enhanced blessings alight -you know how that shit goes. There will be previews of the new album: 'Life in the Loading Bay', videos, extra tunes: all the come-hither of modern database engorgement. This coyness insults us both: just sign the form, will you.


I, Barry Andrews, shall be -er- 'blogging' here regularly, as we are assured, will be Carl Marsh and, who knows, other Shrieks-of-yore. In fact, let's call this Blog #1. About that: since I feel the world probably has more than enough fatuous babble swilling around I undertake to only add to it when I feel:

  • (a) motivated, and
  • (b) that I have a contribution, however modest, to add to the cultural stew. Nothing smaller than a carrot, let's say, intellectually speaking.